Drop-In Belly Dance Classes - Intermediate / Advanced

Drop-In Belly Dance Classes - Intermediate / Advanced

Belly Dance Progressive Technique Drill: All the Hip Joint Tilts - movement flow, no voice cues.

Drop-In Belly Dance Classes - Intermediate / Advanced
  • 'Miserlou' Belly Dance Veil Choreography - with Neon

    Movie + 1 extra

    Belly dance veil practice / performance choreography - step-by-step instruction and practice from the top for each combination. Level - intermediate.

  • Belly Dance Hipwork Drills Inspired by Latin Dance

    Movie + 1 extra

    Practice hipwork drills with a step-by-step breakdown of each combination. Level: Intermediate-Advanced

  • "El Hilwa Di"Practice Choreography - 2 casses

    Movie + 1 extra

    In this practice choreography we explore different ways to travel, switching between directions and diagonals and fine-tuning your position on stage in a showy and dramatic manner. We'll take our travel steps beyond a string of belly dance moves and make them a way of reaching out to your audience.

  • Sexy and Sensual Mode in Belly Dance - Practice Choreography


    Today we'll play with the sexy/sensual mode in bellydance. How sexy can you be in belly dance without destroying its look and feel We'll discuss, explore and put a few sexy moves together into a 2-minute practice 'sensual vignette'.

  • Belly Dance Balancing Drills - Percussive Moves


    Today we continue our balancing drills - we'll cover percussive moves: hipwork and upper body percussive accents. So prepare your balancing object - a sword, a tray, a shemadan or just a book. Remember, as always, that the heavier your balancing prop, the easier it is to balance.

  • Belly Dance Isolations for Balancing Acts - Fluid Moves


    Today we'll work on isolations for balancing acts. And it's not just for balancing acts. If you are not interested in balancing a sword, a tray of candles or a shemadan, resist temptation to skip this class. These drills will make you a better dancer with more organic and precise isolations, simp...

  • Shimmy Bursts


    If you perform for Western audiences, it's hard to get away with the never-ending shimmy sections, Egyptian-style, because the Western eye expects more movement from a dancer, and our Western dance is always footwork-driven. A strategy I want to play with today is using shimmy in bursts or splash...

  • Swirling Gliding Belly Dance Movement


    Today we'll work with gliding and swirling footwork, and the type of fluid unhurried movement that we often associate with rumba-type rhythm in bellydance music. You often see this movement in a lyrical entrance pieces, or in dancing with the veil, American Cabaret style. When you learn veil danc...

  • Art Deco Dancer Poses in an Oriental Dance/Belly Dance Routine - Neon


    Oriental dance routines always have a section of cinematic music that is larger than life - sometimes it's a grand entrance, and sometimes it's a refrain. This is a very melodic section with a soaring, swirling melody and dramatic accents. We'll add that choreographic grandness to our Oriental da...

  • Belly Dance Drum Solo - First Steps to Improvisation with Neon


    Improvising an organic and vocabulary-rich belly dance drum solo is a challenge for most dancers. How to approach building your improvisational skills? Neon offers a method to reset your thinking about improvising a drum solo, and compares using the same dance vocabulary in an improvisation and i...

  • Party-Style Belly Dance Performance: Combinations and Showmanship with Neon


    Intermediate-level belly dance combinations and showmanship tips for a party-style belly dance performance. Step-by-step and practice with music. 57min. class from the StarBellydancer online school series. Music: Al Ain Mulayatain by Amir Naoum Chehade and Elias Sarkar from album "Bellydance New ...

  • Lyrical belly dance combinations / mini-choreography with Neon


    Four lyrical combinations falling into a mini-choreography to work on pacing, fluid motion, and stage showmanship. Neon also discusses the ways your costuming affects your movement. Music: Pharaonic Passion by Beata and Horacio Cifuentes "Belly dance songs are often constructed of pieces with dif...

  • Autumn: 3 combinations "To Morocco with the Stars"

    3 items

  • Connecting Upper Body Belly Dance Moves with Neon

    Movie + 1 extra

    How to keep your upper body belly dance moves organically woven into the texture of your dance movement, as opposed to having them thrown in as random embellishments? "We learn belly dance through isolations and one of the side effects is, sometimes we keep this totally isolated mode even when we...

  • Glide-Anchor-Pull: Quickie Combo 3 - Autumn Ward


    Glide-Anchor-Pull: Quickie Combo 3 - Autumn Ward, music: "To Morocco with the Stars"

  • Quickie Combination 2 with Autumn Ward


    This quickie class starts with a 24-minute warmup and technique flow, then we'll dance through a 32-count combo with pivots, full-body undulations, and fast double drops.

  • Add Sophistication to Classic Belly Dance Steps

    Movie + 1 extra

    Advanced technique for basic classic belly dance steps such as hip lifts/drops and simple travel steps. Are you performing these basic belly dance steps with the same technique you learned as a beginner? Time to revamp them and re-learn them to give your dance movement even more sophisticated and...

  • Elastic Fantastic Belly Dance Combination


    Level: Low Intermediate and up
    This class teaches and practices a little over a minute of easy-paced choreography with three distinct sections: gliding travel steps and turns; an earthy shimmy; and slow sinuous vertical-plane up figure-8s. Class includes a short warmup, a short technique flow f...

  • Belly Dance Taksim with Fluid Accents - with Neon

    Oriental Dance / Belly Dance Taksim with Fluid Accents - with Neon - Oriental Dance taksim practice combinations and mini-choreography using fluid-trajectory accents and shimmy layering. "Taksim showcases improvisational artistry of melodic instruments and often includes call and response mode wi...

  • Lush Travel Sequences with Autumn Ward


    In today's class we'll practice clean details that make entrance and
    travel sequences look polished, professional, and fully put together.
    Building on a simple footwork sequence—step-hold, step, step—we'll
    create interest by varying the styling for count 2, the hold. First
    we'll practice laye...

  • Belly Dance "Circle" Veil Routine with Neon

    Open Level. A mini-routine module for improvisational bellydance performance with a veil - great as part of a picture-perfect dance entrance. "As you start your performmance, your audience wants to check out your costume and body, they frantically take pictures and selfies with you; there are alw...

  • Twisting Undulation BellyDance Technique with Neon

    Non-Stop Practice. Combinations and choreography taught in a non-dtop dance with music format. "Belly dance is taught through isolations, an important element of belly dance aesthetics. However, focus on isolations often results in stiffness - you end up dancing with frozen spine and chest. As i...

  • Belly Dance Arms - Paths and Embellishments

    Movie + 1 extra

    1. Belly Dance Arm Embellishments Technique Drill with Autumn Ward A follow-along bellydance technique flow for arms, hands, wrists and elbows. Included: amplifying wrist articulations and sweeps; wrist circles; elbow circles; arm undulations...Build stamina and maintain clean technique with this...

  • Belly dance baladi rhythm with Neon

    Belly dance baladi rhythm with Neon - rhythm structure, variations, combinations. "Baladi” in Egyptian Arabic means “home town/village”, or neighborhood, as opposed to anything coming from a fancy big city upscale cultural realm or influenced by Western culture. Baladi music and dance are basic...